Sunday, 22 April 2012


well thought i would start writing on here just to put thoughts to paper so to speak and see what develops ,im fiona ann and i am married to mike we have been married for 20 years sometimes i cant quite believe that ,but we are happy most of the time we do have times like all couples when we argue but i still agree that the making up is fun :),my man is not the most romantic in the world but he has his moments that just make you know its all worth while
i have reached the age of 39+2 and i think things are now suddenly hitting home and i am now realising that i will never be a mother we have tried all sorts of things but it just wasnt to be i have a condition called PCOS and it has affected me since my teens various treatments etc have not helped either did fertility treatment and we cant afford anymore goes so we have had to accept that it wont happen and that is something i do struggle with and i know mike does too but he does a very good job of reassuring me that as long as we are happy together that is all that matters and he is rights happiness counts for a lot

i am about to start on a health kick (about time too ) im overweight and i want to feel better and look better and i have set myself the challange of the race for life 10k as a start i did the relay for life last year and really enjoyed it aand this gives me something to aim for and its for a cause which is very close to my heart which i shall write about at a later date but i need all the luck and good wishes i can get to get my ass in gear and get moving and to basically stop comfort eating